Stories – Everyone has one, Everyone IS one….



Life is a story, emerging, unfolding, evolving.

In the relentless hand of time

The words are written on the landscapes of our childhood

And flow beside our footprints ever after.

Words are not necessarily written on a page but etched into time… OUR time.   Our story, our time, nobody else’s.

They are the breaths we take, the moments we absorb, the thoughts and feelings we express and the awareness that we have for our existence, our being, our presence.

Each of us, is a book unwritten,

We are living stories, and these stories will remain long after our last breath fades…

More so because we have shared them with another.

But the existence of our story is real and valid, regardless of who else might get to hear it… fact, it exists because we do, and not because of anyone else who reads it.  We are both the writer and the reader.   No one else is required.


(but of course, while not necessary for us to write, the reader or listener does help to clarify or even justify our storytelling….. because we are after all, sharing beings….)

And where once we might have sat around a communal campfire with family and friends and told our stories by the firelight, today we sit alone before the glow of our computer screens and share our stories around a cyber campfire that extends to all corners of the world and directly unites and warms countless members of the human race.

Fire, Urban and Commercial development, Dieback, Disease and Climate Change

So today I had the grand privilege of being interviewed by a woman wishing to write my biography as part of her university degree.  It felt a little strange at first – “who am I to be written about for such an important project!” – then we began to talk about our experiences, recognizing a common thread within each other’s lives as well as the unique and colorful threads that entwined them and made them distinctly personal, and so the joy of sharing and chatting freely became the order of the day.  Then the concept of stories unfolding lay on the table between us like an open book, and a new chapter emerged along with the words and pictures of that evolving book.

It was both confronting and enlightening to try to describe my life – WHO I AM – to a stranger who had never met me before.   And to use those stories to explain my journey as an artist, to illuminate the meaning of my existence and the ongoing exploration of who I am and what I am here for, became as much, if not more, a gift to me, as it was a contribution to this lady’s work.

My childhood, the patterns that weave throughout my life….. while so unaware at the time, now with the clarity of hindsight, I see so clearly how these storylines are so strong and powerful and such  a part of who I am.   My love for nature, for animals, for Aboriginal and ancient culture, for writing, music and visual images……. These are the things that intrinsically define me, explain ME and place me firmly in this life – they are at the core of my being.   The patterns emerged during the interview, and became more clear through the telling to another.

If traditional culture, writing and imagery, as well as an affinity with nature, were my longitude, then my children, my relationships and my life lessons wove between them as the latitude that made up the dimensions of my world.

Marking my place in time and space at any given point in my journey, was simply a matter of searching out the coordinates of what was happening for me and the discoveries and joys I was immersed in.   A virtual GPS for my existence!  And today I got to explore, and remember and share some of those points and dimensions.


A moment in the Tearooms….

“That was a nice welcome!” said the man who had just entered the tearooms with his wife.

“We always welcome everyone here,” said Brenda, “We laugh and shout and chat.”

“Have you seen our menu?” she added as they viewed the cake fridge.  “It’s out on the verandah….”

“Oh we’ll have to go back out to view it” said the customer.

“Well then,” laughed Brenda, “You’ll get another welcome when you walk back in!”

I love being in this place!

Art on Display

Art on Display

4th april 2013


The quiche was very rich(e)

The frittata was a starter

But the Caesar salad was a little pallid

The egg and bacon pie was never shy

But I had a hunch about the ploughman’s lunch

The classic BLT would be tasty by the sea

And the leg ham and mustard sandwich

Would have done some damage

If I’d come from Putney I would have enjoyed the cheddar and chutney

But I skipped all that AND ATE THE CHOCOLATE CAKE!




We always look forward to our cosy little interludes at this very quaint little place.

Friendly faces

Fabulous food

We will return to the Old Post Office Café

Vin and Jude Dawes

9 april 2013

2 april 2013

Scones, jam and cream – excellent

Coffee and tea the same

Music even better.

Better than anything in Melbourne

Terry and Jenny (Phillip island Vic)


2 April 2013

The “Old Post Office”

What a find!

There we both stopped off and dined.

What a place to go and see

Great “Darjeeling” and a “tasty BLT”

We’ve far traveled and nothing did it lack,

Hope one day we can soon return back.

Most enjoyable

Jim and Isabel Laird

Hamilton, Scotland



5th april 2013


Very relaxing outlook – scones were delicious –

Could sit here all day and watch the world go by!

Ben and Pam (Perth)

Siblings Week Busselton 

9th April 2013

We came to Busselton to stay awhile

Let’s have ice coffee with a smile

Then along the jetty for a walk

Where we will laugh, joke and talk.

Brother John will be on his phone

Either with son Mat or wife Julie at home.

Sister Beth knows she is alive

Having a rest from her children, five.

The big sister – that is me

Always making a cup of tea

Waiting for Deb to arrive from Perth

Then we’ll be here as we were at birth.

John, Ruth, Deb and Beth



Story Week

10th April, 2013

Came to Busselton for a quiet break after babysitting 3 and 4 year old Grandchildren.

We are weary and need relaxation.

1st night I fell down some stairs, grazed arms, banged head, great start.

2nd day, pain and bruises in places I didn’t know I hit.  

Thanks so much to hubby for looking after me.

Give back the babysitting.

Sitting outside The Old Post Office enjoying a milkshake

And the cool breeze helps.


Strawberries may come

And in jam they go

A coffee and love shared

Like the tides and life

Ebb and flow



If you woke up in a bed today,

With a roof over your head and

Food in your fridge,

Then you are very lucky!

Maybe it’s time to think of someone in need!

How about putting a smile on someone else’s face today.


Travelled all the way from Geraldton

To visit Busselton, to have nice sunny days.

So then to visit this nice lovely, inspiration, darly gorgeous café shop

Well worth the trip.

See you again


A Place of My Own


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