For every little girl who dared to dream of that prince on a white stallion, or of flying free on the back of a galloping horse with her beautiful dress trailing in the wind; for every little boy who ran across open fields with a stick in his hand, dreaming of being an explorer or warrior, or who hid under the bed and lost himself in a storybook of romance and daring; for every lost or lonely child who imagined dancing to music that gave them wings, or whispering into the warm hide of their own horse, its curious breath blowing promises and secrets onto their neck……

This is for you….


There’s a secret place inside each of us, hidden from the world, where every time we have a dream or entertain a heartfelt wish, or even feel a ray of hope or desire for that special something in life to kindle the spirit or arouse the heart, it gets stored away.  No matter how elusive or intangible, or how quickly our conditioning denies or rejects our secret hopes and dreams, this space inside us saves them to become part of our unwritten story.

Most of us are not even aware we do this or where we keep our dreams and wishes locked away.  Most have had them buried deep for too long, or darkened and dulled by pain, grief or stress and the tedious nature of our everyday lives.  As children we dip in and out of this inner treasure trove, a kaleidoscope of the imagination that our hearts know so well how to turn, yet sadly, by the time we reach adulthood, most of us have forgotten how to access that place or even that we ever had such a library of the soul’s joy.

But what if the key was found to unlock that collection of dreams that we have carried forever, and set them free to play?

What happens when you open your heart to release all of the dreams you had as a little girl or boy, together with the wishes you have collected along the way into adulthood….the moments that caused your heart to swell, your dreams to awaken, your spirit to rise up and remember?   And you paint these dreams and memories with colours and light, and set them free to dance to a drum beat and some music?

One word – Cavalia!

There on that stage – the passion, the dance, the music, the colour, and the very art and magic I inhaled, became the keys to unlock the true joy in every cell of my being  – and I exhaled my awakening in the form and grace of Equus.   When human hearts and horse hearts express themselves together, there is an alchemy that releases all the collective dreams of the human soul.   You cannot remain unmoved, you cannot be untouched when held in the vision of a horse.  The thunder of hooves, the beat of a drum, the rhythm of awakened heartbeats, weave together the cadence of life’s journey.  It was so simple and yet so powerfully effective.

As I stepped into the darkness of the tent, my heart quickened.  And fell in time with the drums…. And the lights played seductively across the stage and from the shadows the first horse appeared, with his rider…. And the door to my secret collection of every wish or dream I had ever known, blew wide open.

So I relinquished the world outside and its cares, and I became all I had ever dreamed ….

The Flames 2xss

I stared into a horse’s dark eyes, and became the dream.

I am the manes and tails flying, the eyes flashing and the galloping hooves; I am the beautiful woman in a flowing outfit, scarves and silks swirling, floating through the air, suspended in aerial grace; I am hanging precariously from my charging horse, hair wild in the breeze, freedom in every wave that ripples behind me, divine, feminine power surging before me…I am confident and I am loved …
I am entwined with equine majesty that lifts me high above all else; I am the strong, agile man, leaping onto my horse and smiling with humour as I guide my steed with firm hands and capricious manner…I am the warrior, the cowboy, the lover, the clown … I am the love letters blowing in the breeze behind dashing hooves, the chivalry, the honour … I am the romance, the spark, the passion that sails between hearts on an endless tide…

I am the music, the sweet high notes and the lows, the rise and fall, the longing, the heartsong reverberating in unspoken promises and long forgotten dreams…. I am the tenderness, the connection, the silent language of the spirit that is life’s gift to itself…  All this and more – I become, awakened and released from that dream sanctuary within.  I am the noble hearts of horses dancing with humans like an ancient rite of passage – and in all this, I reclaim what the unforgiving world has almost stolen from me. 

My inner Cavalia is illuminated.   Reflected soul deep in a horse’s eye … I rediscover who I am.


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The Medicine Woman


She started the day with a prayer, her face to the Morning Star
As the pink glow of a sunrise touched her from afar.
“Hau, Tunkasila Ksapa” her old voice softly said.
(Hello, Star of Understanding) and in greeting, nodded her head…
“Thanks for this day. Let me do my best, today for all my relations.”
And she nodded again acknowledging the infinite Star Nations.

The day was young, she walked alone down to the water’s edge,
Where the girl, not yet a woman, came to hear the words she said.
“Grandmother” was what she called her, but she was so much more…
The Healer, Teacher and Wise One, who had walked many lives before.

‘Teach me your magic “Unci”, I wish to be like you,
To walk the path of the healer, to Great Spirit to be true.’
The old woman sat down quietly, placed her basket on the ground;
Told the girl to place her hand inside, and tell her what she found.

‘But Unci, the basket’s empty’ she said with great concern.
But the wise woman simply smiled and said ‘You have much to learn.
We all have empty baskets on the day that we are born,
But the road we walk will offer us the tools we’ll need from thereon;
And our inner eyes and spirit will show us what we must find.
Each lesson brings us a knowing, to be carried deep inside.
And every year and season has some fruit for us to bear –
You must place it in your basket and keep it safely there.
Listen with your heart’s ears, to the words the Spirit’s speak.
You may be a simple woman, but you are never small or weak.
For we are the mothers and the teachers. We nurture and keep the flame,
The future life of all Tribes flows through a Woman’s veins.

So take up your own small basket – gather what Spirit guides you to,
For what you keep as medicine – will be what life gives to you.
See here!  Here in my basket! You may not see so much,
But it carries woman’s wisdom, and the love of Mother’s touch.
It holds the gifts of Mother Earth, of fire, water and air,
The medicine she has given me is an honour that I share.
In here you will find the prayers and the stories that I tell,
There is forgiveness, love and kindness – the tools that serve me well.
There’s remembering to smile, when winter winds blow long and cold,
And giving thanks for every day, each moment, young or old.
There is wisdom, and compassion – such magic I have learned.
All things that I have gathered, as the wheel of my life turns.
There is the honour for the Ancient Ones, and all they bring to me
For the present, past and future, are all a part of who we be.’

Then an old hand touched a young one, as she sought her full attention,

And their eyes connected deeply as she gave her admonition.

‘But there is no room in this small basket for sadness, rage or hate,
The things that do not serve me – I simply cast away.
I choose not to carry anger, regret or bitterness.
Forgiveness is a powerful tool that you should not forget.
So your walk is just beginning – your lessons still are new,
But remember as you journey, YOU choose what to take with you.
You too, may be a healer, learn the Medicine of the Earth,
Your destiny is written in the flow from birth to birth.
The Magic is there within you, both in knowledge and mystery,
Seek Great Spirit’s guidance, and you will have eyes to see.
So they might think your basket’s empty. But just smile and know with pride
A Woman’s Medicine’s unseen – It’s what you keep inside.